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Talking with the Captain

Posted on Tue Nov 13th, 2018 @ 9:27pm by Lieutenant Simon Stevens & Captain Elijah Michaels & Lieutenant Sara'draphia T'eseri

Mission: Convoy of the Damned
Location: Simon's quarters

after breakfast, Simon had been helped by Eva back to the sofa, as he found it frustrating enough being blind as a bat and having to keep asking Eva for everything, What ne needed was those Ocular implants. He said," Computer Contact the Captain,"

"Working," replied the soft female voice of the ships computer.

{Ready Room}

Sitting in the Captain's ready room, Sara was filling him in on the condition of the away team, "For most of the team, there were little effects from cryo-stasis. Though a few have suffered some effects" she said, just as the call came in from Simon

"Yes hello?" Elijah asked as he noticed the channel requesting him.

"Captain, Could you come to my quarters, I need to speak with you," as the channel opened asked Simon as he needed help getting these made up so he could get back to work.

"I'm on my way." He said as he finished up and headed to find the Doctor

"Lieutenant Stevens is one of those who suffered deliterious effects from the cryo pods" Sara said, walking with him, "his eyesight was damaged beyond repair

"I see, and in turn that could his role on the Ship." The Captain nodded.

-Simon's Quarters-

Simon still was getting used to Eva and the use of having someone do things for him was pardon the pun Alien to him as he continued to sit on the sofa and wait for the Captain to arrive.

The two of them then arrived at his quarters. And soon made their way inside. "Hello Lieutenant."

"Is that you Captain," He asked as he sat upon the couch, "Sorry if I sound a bit rude," he stated as Eva had finished putting the breakfast stuff in the recycle bin, Simon finished "Eva, could you make my guests some drinks?"

Elijah hadn't realised just how bad things were for Simon since his injury.

Walking over to the new arrivals, Eva gave a slight bow, “can I get you some refreshments?”

“Water please” Sara said, walking over to stand beside Simon, “Lieutenant Stevens, how are you?”

"I'm fine in myself, but I just can not see a thing," replied Simon as he shifted himself again, " it is bloody frustrating not being able to see," he continued as Simon knew that this was going to be something he would have to tell his folks about. He finished "Any news on the oculur implants doc?"

"I can have them prepared for implantation tomorrow" Sara replied

"Oh Cool," replied Simon as he shifted once more in his seat, He continued," How long will it be before I'm allowed back on duty?" as he knew that Eva might be taken from him. Still at least he knew that he was going to get his eye sight back.

"I cannot say at this time. there are to many variables to give an accurate answer" Sara replied

"I would support any action that the Doctor felt was needed in this situation." Elijah commented. "But all final decisions fall to you."

" I understand Doc, at the moment I have been using the cane" as his hand found it next to the arm of his sofa, he continued," And I'm sorry about this Captain," as he knew that he had to be taken off duty.

"Its perfectly alright." Elijah responded to him. "Just take as long as you require and make sure all options are considered before you make a final decision."

"All I want back is my sight and if these implants can do the job then that's what I'll do," replied Simon, as he knew now that he could have time off for recovery after the operation, but he wouldn't take liberties with it.

Sara nodded, "very well, i shall prepare for the operation. Lieutenant, please report to sickbay tomorrow 1800 hours"

"I shall leave you be Lieutenant." Elijah responded as he got up to depart.


Lieutenant JG Sara’draphia T’eseri
Chief medical officer

Lieutenant Simon Stevens
Assistant chief Operations


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