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Passing the Torch Up

Posted on Sun Jul 19th, 2015 @ 3:15am by Ensign Honey Flanagan & Lieutenant Valeria Mordin

Mission: Shoreleave and Repairs
Location: Primary Science
Timeline: Current


Her time as Acting Chief was about to expire, though if it was one thing that Valeria knew, it was station. Meeting one's subordinates was just as important as meeting one's direct chief, so to this, she had the staff of the Science labs prepare. The room was clean, the equipment properly calibrated, and everything was ready for something of an inspection.

Science Division was presumably the next stop on Wyatt's itinerary. She was waiting outside the doors to the primary labs to greet him.

So far, the transition to the new assignment had been going smoothly. He had met with the CO already, and had his physical. Now, for the piece de resistance, the primary science lab. He was almost giddy in seeing it, it would be nice to be back in a lab again. Teaching was just fine, but it didn't leave him much time to do any type of research.

As he rounded the bend in the corridor, he could see the acting chief was already waiting for him. "Hello, Lieutenant," he said, a smile pulled at the corners of his lips as he extended his hand.

The rabbitess took his hand in her's, and gave it a polite shake. With him being a human, she erred on his preferred form of greeting. "Good greeting, sir. Valeria Mordin, at your service. It's good to meet you, and I look forward to working with you." she said with a soft smile. She had an oddness about her eyes. Despite the adequate lighting they were almost dull. Another glance would show the truth, her eyes reflected nothing. "I've prepared the laboratories and the crew staff for your inspection."

"We're at a middle point in several research requests, mostly stellar heliomagnetism and seismology. I've been keeping the pace relaxed yet efficient. There are no high-profile research requests currently on log, so you've come at an opportune time."

"Abigail Bissscuit! That'sss my lunch! You bring that back here right now, misssssy!" sounded a voice. Right afterwards a brown-and-yellow-ish furry blur dashed past Wyatt's feet and up Valeria's leg, the ten-legged feline-esque creature triumphantly holding a piece of raw fish in her beak. Said critter was soon followed by the owner of the voice which had just seconds earlier lamented the theft of her lunch, a grey-skinned semi-reptilian halfbreed ensign who stumbled after the critter, lost her footing and faceplanted on the deck right in front of Wyatt.

"Ow." Pause. "Oh." Pause. "Ensssign Honey Flanagan, xenobiologissst. Jussst having sssome minor trouble with sssome xeniobology." She muttered before hefting herself to her feet, blinking golden eyes slightly out of synch at her new boss, flicking a forked tongue in his general direction, and offering a salute. "Nothing I can't handle, Sssir."

"I'm sure, ensign," Wyatt said, the humorous smirk that formed on his lips could not be helped. "Are you alright?" he asked, as his blue eyes swept from the creature that sat on his assistant chief's shoulder back to the ensign.

Valeria straightened up very quickly with a slight bristle in her fur, while she had that 'Something just clambered up my leg and was hanging onto my shoulder by no less than five legs' look on her face. Though, the next look on Valeria's face was mild concern for her fellow xenobiological. "Gut instinct first aid is a cold pack for swelling, but she's reptilian. Keep an eye out for rampant swelling, Honey, and if you need to head to medical let us know."

Honey smiled, rubbing her nose a bit. "Thanksss but I'm good." she offered to both Valeria and Wyatt. "I'm built sssturdy. Can handle a knock." she added, reaching to take Abigal Biscuit from Valeria, much to the chagrin of the felinesque critter. However, she elected to allow the multipaw continued posession of the piece of fish, much to the creature's enjoyment. "Ssso, you're our new bosssss?" she asked Wyatt, tongue flicking out at him again.

"That I am," Wyatt said as once again an easy smile crossed his lips. "Wyatt Cadwell." He looked to the creature. "Is your... animal a fixture in the labs?"

"Ssshe'sss a Voltaran multipaw. Her ssspeciesss was dissscovered jussst over a year ago. Ssshe'sss equal partsss my pet and my resssearch, documenting multipaw behaviour patternsss." Honey explained. "Ssso far I've dissscovered multipawsss are totally harmlessss, low maintenance, incredibly adorable, lotsss of fun to cuddle, very friendly, and dumb asss a sssack of bricksss. Asss long asss there isss nothing here ssshe can actively disssturb I let her run free, under my sssupervisssion. Once enough isss known about multipawsss I predict they'll become very popular asss pet."

That's probably what some scientist said about the Tribbles, Wyatt mused to himself. "Well then, I look forward to learning more about the Voltaran Multipaw," he said with genuine interest. He had assumed there would be more research projects surrounding the biological sciences then any other. "Shall we continue with the tour?" he asked his assistant chief then swung his attention back to the ensign. "Care to join us?"

Valeria gave Honey a soft smile, and then turned towards the labs and opened the doors. The three assistant enlisted scientists were at attention, while the stations awaiting inspection. "Our department has three assistant enlisted assigned to it. Crewhand Hawthorn..." she motioned to a human, "Crewhand T'somma..." she motioned to a Vulcan, "and Crewhand Mara." the rabbitess motioned to another human.

The crewhands gave nods when they were individually introduced, while the tour continued onward into the Chief Science Officer's office.

Wyatt's new office.

"Their performance thus far has been high marks, though this is also the first tour for them. These will be your offices." she motioned around to the interior of the Chief's office. There were no decorations, nor were there any indications that decorations had been here previously. Either Valeria traveled light, or she knew her appointment as Chief was temporary.

"Computer, Valeria Mordin in acting capacity as Chief Science Officer. Transfer authority of Sciences division to Lieutenant Wyatt Cadwell. Authorization epsilon four seven lambda seven." and the computer chirped in acknowledgement.

Wyatt certainly wasn't one for all this pomp and circumstance, for the most part he was just okay with letting people do their jobs. They were all trained and capable science officers, he was just truly there to oversee everything to be sure everything was on track. The office was large, he thought it was rather lavish but he would be sure to add some personal touches. "Everything looks to be in good working order," he said, unsure of what to really say.

"Before the Victory launches, I would like to be able to go over all the research projects."

"Ofcourssse. Everything I'm working on isss kept on the main ssserver and open for your perusssal." Honey spoke just scritching Abigail under her chin.

Valeria gave a nod, "As is everything of mine." a pause, "Now that the formalities are out of the way, welcome aboard. Do you have any questions before we let you settle in?"

Once offering the two a small, but charming smile, Wyatt shook his head. "No, you both have been quite thorough, I much appreciated you taking the time to show me around."

The rabbitess actually gave a half-bow at the waist, with a soft smile on her face. "I believe the most appropriate statement is, give a holler if you need anything." and with that, Valeria turned to see herself out. Her's were a people of protocol, and every protocol had been met.

"You're very welcome." Honey offered with a smile. Then a slightly awkward pause as she didn't really know what to do, followed by a shy smile and a wave of a webbed hand before she went about her own business, her tail swaying behind her.


Lieutenant Wyatt Cadwell, PhD
Chief Science Officer

Lieutenant JG Valeria Mordin
Asst. Chief Science Officer

Ensign Honey Flanagan


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