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Settling in

Posted on Mon May 4th, 2015 @ 3:00pm by Lieutenant Mickey McClane & Captain Elijah Michaels
Edited on on Wed Jun 3rd, 2015 @ 6:15am

Mission: Debts to be settled......
Location: Main Bridge/Captains Ready room

Look, Aladdin. I know things are going to be different. But remember at least we still have are program to go to later after when i get settled in OK boy? Mickey looked at his dog as he just was sad he wasn't going to come with him like he did in the old days but at least he could see him afterwards.

Aladdin gave his master a few kisses on the cheek as he smiled at his old friend.

"I'll see you soon boy." Mickey said as he left his quarters to go report in.

Mickey McClane, he had remember sovereigns quite well as he had served on a few in the past he understands of the changes even though he's a lieutenant he didn't care. He was going to prove himself to his superior officer.

"Bridge" Mickey said as he had entered the turbolift, he thinks of the old days including his adventures in the past but starfleet doesn't want him to talk about it anymore as it was his past but it was nice to be familiarized in his memory palace. five minutes later he arrived on the bridge of the U.S.S. Victory.

"Most impressive, i look forward to serving the captain of this ship. I think this will be my most fun assignment yet." Mickey said as he walked over to the ready room and rang the bell to the captain.

"Enter!! Elijah said from his desk as he skimmed through some of his paper work.

Mickey heard he had permission to enter he knew the captain had been busy. Looking professional, he entered the ready room with a clear calm head.

"Lieutenant Mickey McClane, reporting for duty sir" Mickey said nicely as he walked over to the captains desk and put his padd down on his desk then he offered his hand to him.

Elijah smiled and shook his hand. "Ahh yes Mister McClane." The Commander said before motioning to the seat opposite him. "Welcome to to the Victory and also welcome back to Starfleet."

"Thank you Captain." Mickey said smiling not noticing his rank until he sat down. "Oh, Commander. Sorry. I guess i am just use to being formal" Mickey Smiled.

"Commander, this is one small request that is if you don't mind sir. I have a dog with me who was indeed dubbed Acting Ensign on my first ship named Aladdin. I hope that you don't mind if he comes along with the adventure. He's a super smart Labrador. But i don't know your rules sir. But, at the same time i don't want to be alone during the bridge hours" Mickey spoke of his small request hoping the commander wouldn't mind a Labrador on-board his ship.

Elijah thought about it for a second. "Alright, I am willing to accept this idea as long he does not get in the way of the Crew or cause a problem for anybody." The Commander said openly and honestly. "You are responsible for him."

"Aye, Sir. Sir, it's been awhile for me that I've been at ops and served aboard a ship. I just to know what you expect of me?" Mickey said to his superior nicely

"Just do your job the best you can." The Commander smiled back at him. "It can be daunting to return to such a task but I have faith."

"It's been along time, Commander. I also took an engineering job at earth if needed i can help the Chief Engineer out when need be if he needs it. Plus My dog can be moral officer when he's on the bridge he can bring everyone's spirits up but i also know he has to earn your respect and all that." Mickey then returned his smile with one of his own then told the Commander this. "I am looking forward to the Adventure tomorrow and you meeting my dog but don't worry he is a super smart loyal Labrador and he won't interfere unless there's away missions i can bring him because he has his keen dog senses" Mickey said nicely to the commander.

"One thing at a time Lieutenant." Elijah said to him.

"Of course, Captain. Anything else you need from me?" Mickey was ready to get back into action

"No I think we are done here." Elijah nodded.

"Understood, thank you captain." Mickey shook his hand and left his office

Elijah watched him leave and returned to his paperwork.


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