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Tactical study

Posted on Thu Jan 14th, 2016 @ 11:36pm by Commander Bertrand Cuprum & Lieutenant Mickey McClane

Mission: If I told you...
Location: Security office
Timeline: Backpost - Prior to the SFI mission

Mickey was picking up on his studies of medicine. He then decided to take a break, he was reading upon the dominion war. he then came across a foe he had never heard of the Breen. Maybe he would discuss this with the chief of security. throw some ideas at him. He was in turbolift seven as he arrived at the commander's deck.

"I wonder whats going to happen on this mission? i get a strange unusual feeling, Mick" Aladdin said to his old friend

"I don't know, it's all hush hush, bullshit need to know crap. But i have to catch up on the times. Maybe the Commander might know a little bit of the dominion war. I know about some of his stories of Wolf 359. I cannot imagine what he had to go threw" Mickey said as he arrived at the commanders office.

Mickey then bent down and turned the camera to look at both the big brown eyes of the dog and the goofy face he made at the camera to let the commander know he's outside.

Bertrand was not actively monitoring the screen; he had staff for that kind of thing. He was pouring over files of Starfleet Intelligence reports on the Agent Smith who now seemed to be calling the shots. He wanted to find anything that could give him an angle over the arrogant man who made his palms itch.

=A= Cmdr Bertram? =A= his com pin chimed.

'What?" he responded, recognizing the voice of one of his security and annoyed at the disturbance.

=A= Lt McClane is outside your door. I think he is deciding if he should come in. Probably doesn't want to get his head bitten off. =A=

Bertrand caught the note of reproof in the junior officer's voice and fought hard to get his temper under control, "Thank you Castles."

"Come!" he bellowed at the door. When Mickey appeared Bertrand waved him in, his manner having settled somewhat. "Yes, Lieutenant. What can I do for you?"

"Commander, I know I was out of action for a while, but there some stuff I need to catch up on. Can you tell me about these species?" Mickey showed him a picture of the Breen.

Bertrand blinked in surprise, "The Breen? Um... sure. What were you looking to know? There isn't a great deal of intel on them; they are more secretive than even the Romulans."

"As far as I can tell they are a group of semi autonomous communities which have been around for as long as anyone has records. They are fierce and cunning fighters; the first record of any encounter is from the Klingon Database where an entire fleet of warships vanished without trace while attacking Breen."

"The most common encounters are from raiding parties, though the name does not do them justice. Their weapons are at least as advanced as the Klingons, and their technology akin to ours, though has some biological aspects that we do not fully understand, with their tactics similar to Romulans."

"They are basically humanoid, but have no blood and four lobes which means they are immune to most telepathic races probing. No one has ever seen what they look like under their refrigeration uniforms. They like extreme cold, apparently. They are bastards to fight. I have seen three good officers try and subdue a Breen in a bar and he has worn all of them out."

"What else can I tell you?"

"I kept hearing this story, they had used some sort of energy discharge that zapped the power of a federation starship. They had used that weapon against Captain Sisko's First U.S.S. Defiant," Mickey wanted to know that part.

Bertrand breathed out slowly, "Can't really help you much beyond what's in the official reports. I was only a security ensign in the Tenth Fleet near Betazed at the time. I understand, though that all modern ships have been retrofitted with counter measures. "

He leaned forward in the chair, "Look, I wouldn't worry overly about it. Energy Draining weapons are not a new phenomena. The Ferrengi, Breen and Borg all have had weapons that lower shields and immobilize ships. In fact there are even some modified Nebula class able to employ a reverse engineered version for draining enemy shields. Managing that is a Tactical issue, which falls into my court. You just need to worry about parceling out what power we don't have stolen. So keep our supply of spares stocked and our procedures up to date and let me and my team worry about dodging lighting from the Gods."

"Of Course, Commander. Just wanna do my duty the right way" Mickey nodded to the commander

He pulled PADD out of a draw in his desk and tapped at it for a few moments before handing it over to Mikey.

"This is the report given on the Second Battle of Chin'toka where the weapon was first employed. SF Tactical have gone over the footage inch by inch so I doubt you will find anything new there, but you are welcome to look."

"Thank you, Commander. Also, I found this from the old records of the battle of khithomer, the old Enterprise-A. They had constructed a heat seeking torpedo. Though, I know it was 98 years ago, maybe we could look at upgrading the tech for heat seekers. But, that will have to be at another time," Mickey took the PADD then gave him his own PADD.

"It wasn't a heat seeker. It focused on the particulates from the impulse reactors. An effective tool at the time, but most of the modern Cloaks have now been fitted with magnetic resonance coils which scatter the emissions. Additionally a good pilot will simply cross the emission stream of the attacking vessel giving the torpedo conflicting paths to chase and your just as likely to get hit by your own torpedo."

"Don't get me wrong, it was an inspired move born out of desperation, but you'd have to be desperate to rely on it."

"Thanks again, Commander. I really needed that talk," Mickey said as he left the room and the commander to be for the upcoming mission.

Bertrand watched Mickey go. He noted that the man had stopped wearing his "Empathy Proof" helmet in his time off. Perhaps they were making headway.


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