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Releaving stress

Posted on Sun Mar 6th, 2016 @ 3:52pm by Lieutenant Mickey McClane

Mission: Vipers and Scoundrels
Location: The Phaser Range
Timeline: Present time

After the return of away team back on the ship. Mickey and Aladdin decided to sneak in some off-duty time. They went to the Phaser range and get some hand-eye exercise

Aladdin just sat an observed as the program began with Mickey firing his 2285 phaser at the target's venting all his anger and frustration. The game began at level 1. It was just just to start it off as Aladdin kept his eyes on Mickey's tactics then as the game progressed he got better.

"We are alone on this one boy, i just don't know. But i don't understand what the hell was with all that Latinum." Mickey said as he continued to fire as the game went up to level 3.

"Mickey, when we De-brief the events. I have to be the one to tell them what happened. But, the Ambassadors would lose the lunch if they found out about my secret" Aladdin said as mickey had reactivated the collar so Aladdin could talk again.

"Well whatever the case my old friend, i hope they didn't put a target on our back. If it were up to me i say we should have still scuttled the ship and moved the crew over" Mickey said as he stood focused on the range.

"Mickey, as Bertrand said this isn't a federation starship. I hate to tell you man, this isn't the 23rd century. If we were there then who knows what could have happened." Aladdin spoke on.

Mickey's game came more clear and focused as he asked the game to go to lvl 14 as he got more agile and quicker on his firing.

"Mickey, to the left" Aladdin offered his suggestion.

Mickey took the dog's suggestion as his aim was getting better but he would rather not be perfect as he got in the last two while they were in the range for a few hours.

"End of match, good game" The computer said.

"Aladdin, we gotta go talk to Bertrand." Mickey said to his dog as he put the phaser in his gun-holster.

"Mickey, does this regard to do what happened on the Cardassian ship?" Aladdin asked curiously.

"Yes, i am not falsifying my reports on the Latinum as it was you who found it boy" Mickey went down to pet his dog.

"Then, were going to see cor in asking him to build you some robot arms" Mickey also said but then Aladdin put his paws on mickeys shoulders and looked up at the human.

"One thing at a time, Mick. Come on, let's go talk to bertrand will bring up the robot arms later" Aladdin smiled at him

"All right, let's go talk to bertrand." Mickey said as the two left the Phaser range


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