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The price of Avarese

Posted on Thu Jul 14th, 2016 @ 9:20pm by Lieutenant Mickey McClane & Commander Cor Cordale

Mission: Do Not Follow
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: Present time.

Mickey's obsession came up with one. He knew the chief engineer would tell the chief of security, but for that moment he didn't care. He was there and he needed a friend. The Enterprise was indeed long gone. But, there is a way but with a heavy price.

"Cor, you in here?" Mickey Arrived in Engineering looking for the thux.

"Up here." came the reply from an open access hatch. "I'll be down in a minute." and while it was slightly longer than a minute, Cordale dropped to the main deck with the practiced calm of someone used to narrow tunnels and dropping to the floor. "Sorry about that, had to chase a short. Got the little bastard." he said with a chuckle.

"So, what brings you to Engineering?"

"What, i am about to tell you might mean the end of my career." Mickey sighed and drew in a breath then turned around to the thux

"The idea of Enterprise's wreckage being in the Mutara Sector is highly obsolete. I realize it now" Mickey looked at his friend.

Cordale gave a nod, "Why do I sense a But?"

"But, i have figured out a way to get her back. But, what i am about to tell you as i said, you won't like it" Mickey cut through the crap. "I am considering going back through time. After she self destructs, and before the Genesis planet pulled her in." Mickey then cut straight through the chase. "Cor, i am considering Violating the Temporal Prime Directive. Preventing the Enterprise from burning in the atmosphere of Genesis." He turned away from the Lieutenant Commander. The Lieutenant, was speaking High Treason, Mutiny, but it was an alternative he had never considered but it came to him as he sat down at the pool table of the room He crossed his hands and prayed, he also knew telling a high ranked officer was also not good. But, if it was to be anyone at least it was him.

Cordale followed him to the pool table, and watched as Mickey sat down by it. He actually weighed a lot of what Mickey said, and gave it a few moments of consideration. After nearly a full minute of silence and some math, which Cordale did in mid air with his fingers, he seemed to reach a conclusion.

"Won't work." he simply stated. "Because we're having this conversation." he motioned to the region around. "IF you went back, if you survived, if you didn't get obliterated or caught and sent to super-time jail or whatever, then you'd have succeeded. You'd have saved the Enterprise. Which would lead to a major uh-oh in the timeline. You WANT to save the Enterprise, which means it's in peril. Going back and removing it FROM peril means it's not in peril, which means you don't need to go back, which means you never go back." he paused, "If we're going to talk high end bullshit temporal voodoo, I'm going to need more coffee."

"The Temporal Prime Directive, i say forget that. There are many different universes. But, considering the Alternatives. I've figured out if i can get a tractor beam on her......" Mickey needed to think this out. "The problem is, Commander Kruges Bird of Prey. If it spotted my ship." Mickey then came with an alternative. "I know that we can use cloaking technology now, the treaty of algiron is null-voided. I just can't simply build one. I'd have to find a cloaking device, then cloak the craft then pull fire a tractor beam on the enterprise diverting her away from Genesis Planet after Kirk Set the ship to Self-Destruct. But, the problem is a cloaking device consumes a lot of power." Mickey had his eyes closed considering he is telling a high ranking officer of a plan of high treason and changes to the timeline. He continued to pray.

Cor's look at Mickey was one of a mix of surprise and a touch of anger. "The problem... is your plan violates way too many laws. Both of the Federation and of, well, physics. You can just disregard treaties and directives that aren't convenient and if you're bringing multi-universe theory into the equation then now you'd have to make sure that the Enterprise you're saving was actually the one you want. What if it was never in peril? What if there were more people aboard?" Cor asked, mostly to show the holes in the theory.

"Your plan revolves around taking a ship back in time, cloaking it, and having enough power to tractor beam a wreck the size of... well... the Enterprise. You'd essentially need the Victory to pull that off." the Thux padded around the pool table to where Mickey was praying, and put his living hand on the Ops officer's shoulder. "Now, I think I'm going to do you a huge favor, and pretend that this conversation never happened. In return, please please please hit the holodeck and save the ship of your dreams. Or go talk to a counselor before you do a ton of damage to yourself... and before you say greater risks greater rewards... you're talking to someone who lost everything once."

"Chase your dreams, live your life in the winds of freedom. Sure. Travel through time, violate everything that uniform you're wearing stands for, change history, unforeseen consequences... no thanks."

"I'm not going to say that, Commander. Fools gold" Mickey said in short

Cordale actually thought for a moment. "Fools Gold? You mean that pyrite stuff? Folks used to go bonkers over it, thinking it was super valuable only to find that it was absolutely nothing like what they thought it was, and they basically wasted a lot of time and resources over nothing." Cordale gave the matter a little more thought. "Sorry, but I can't think of a way any of that'll end well for you. Worst case, you wind up stranded in the past. Or captured. Or you throw the entire time line into absolute chaos and wind up re-writing history. One where that Genesis device winds up in the wrong hands, and we're all in deep trouble."

"Sorry, but I have to get back to patching. Like I said, I'll keep this under the hat."

Mickey was going to go as well. Mickey thought of this out. The Imperfect Genesis planet was created. The Klingon boarding party, entered into a death trap. But, something in the back of his mind saying it was a wrong idea. But, don't think about it just stay in the here and now. But, the other half of him is saying what if this means someone hadn't thought of it. "God, help me" Mickey said as he already left the engine room


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