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The briefing

Posted on Wed Jul 6th, 2016 @ 5:00pm by Captain Elijah Michaels & Commander Cor Cordale & Commander Bertrand Cuprum & Lieutenant Mickey McClane & Lieutenant Ishan Satele

Mission: Do Not Follow
Timeline: Conference room.

The Victory was setting out for the Gollum expanse, and the gossip was already flying as to the change in plans. The Command team quickly assembled in the briefing room behind the bridge and waited for the Captain to make his announcement.

"Alright everyone, good morning." Elijah said to his Staff as he started the briefing. "I know word has gotten round the Ship that our Expedititon to the Gamma Quadrant has been delayed, that is correct." He said.

Pressing a key on the large Monitor he pulled up and image of the Alpha Quadrant. "I give you all the Gollum Expanse, though this is just a pure estimate from Stellar Cartogrpahy."

Satele looked curiously at the display, wondering what spacial features this expanse might have.

Valeria, the resident ranking science officer, looked at the image and gave a rather impressed nod. For someone as reserved as she, it was quite the motion.

Cordale, on the other hand, was halfway into his mug of coffee. The mug was printed with a cute caricature of the Thux, with the phrase 'Thux to be you' printed around the blue cartoon face. "Looks impressive." he said quietly, not wanting to directly interrupt the Captain. Though, the break in the silence did earn him something of a look from the Rabbitess seated over from him.

Michelle looked on at the map... Impressive definitely covered it. And how... "So, what's our business there?" she asked.

"Six Months ago, Starfleet picked an unusual signal emanating from the centre of this uncharted sector of Space." He commented highlighting a portion of the map. "USS Seattle was dispatched as the first ship to explore this region, she is now missing."

"Do we have any data from the Seattle? Like what's out there or what problems they ran into?"

Bertrand grumbled, "Let me guess, that is what WE are being sent to find out. A search and rescue in uncharted space."

"The 'Uncharted' part has appeal." Valeria said, putting a positive spin on the matter.

"How long ago did they lose contact with the Seattle?" Cordale asked after a sip of java.

"Command says a couple of days ago." Elijah said looking to Cordale. "They were sending regular enough updates."

"Security would like an opportunity to review the most recent set of logs while we are in transit," Bertrand requested.

"If at all possible, I'll coordinate with Security if the logs include any engineering data or any logs from the engineering crew." Cordale offered after another pull from his coffee mug.

"You got it." Elijah nodded.

Aladdin the Acting Ensign had came in the briefing instead of Mickey. "Sorry, folks Mickey had ran into some trouble down in operations he sent me in his place." The Dog said

"Hold on, that map looks like the Alpha Quadrant. If that is...... Oh, god this is not good" The Labrador said as he took a seat down at the table.

"How long is it going to take to get Quadrant?" the lab asked

Bertrand frowned, "We are IN the Alpha quadrant. We have been for months now."

"Well, i better tell Mickey this because sense we are in the area. He would probably need to take some leave as this would be a good idea." An extra ops officer joined in on the conversation.

Michelle raised an eyebrow at the comment. "Sounds like you might need a smidge more coffee." she said to the dog with a friendly smirk. "Or whatever a dog might drink."

"Actually, Commander. Mickey would like to use his LOA while we are in the system to go to the Mutara Sector. He has been having this crazy idea. Bertrand had explained his reason of madness to you offsite. I would like to accompany him as well. Can you grant him his leave?" Aladdin asked the Commander nicely

Michelle looked at Aladdin. A rather quiet look, but one that clearly expressed the sentiment of 'Not now.'

Elijah chimed in. "Save this for later, I am conducting a Briefing." He commented not overly thrilled with the distraction.

Michelle turned back to the Captain, giving him a look and gesturing toward him that they would have to have a conversation regarding this in private.

"So have all Departments report to me ASAP." Elijah said to his Staff. "I will conduct individual briefings on the way to the coordinates, dismissed."


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