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Arrival to Victory *Backpost*

Posted on Thu May 11th, 2017 @ 10:38pm by Captain Elijah Michaels & Lieutenant Commander Christopher Evans

Mission: The Trial of Cor Cordale
Location: Ready Room

Evans had been aboard the transport ship for the last several hours, the transport ships were much smaller than starship and Evans was a pretty big guy. He was more than excited to arrive on the transporter padd of the USS Victory. He gave a nod to the young female Ensign that greeted him.

"Hello Lieutenant Commander and welcome to the Victory" she said wearing a smile on her face. "I'll take your bags to your quarters, the Captain is waiting for you in his ready room."

"Very well" Chris said and thought to himself 'right to business I see'. It wasn't long until he found himself ringing the chime of the ready room door.

"Enter!" Elijah said as he looked up from his Desk. He was ironing out the details for their mission to Niron 5.

Evans stepped through the door and came to attention "Lieutenant Commander Christopher Evans, reporting for duty sir"

"At ease." Elijah said as he motioned to the vacant seat. "Welcome to the Victory."

Evans folded his hand behind his back "Thank you sir" was his response.

"Take a seat if you'll please." Elijah said to him as he poured himself a cup of tea. "Sorry to spring this on you at such a last minute."

Taking the offered seat "glad to be of service sir" paused "better than being stuck on a starbase doing nothing" he hated sitting around doing nothing.

"I can imagine so. I'll spell it out for you in simple terms Commander." Elijah said as he took his cup. "I lean heavily on my Senior Officers on this Ship, our XO and 2XO are both experts in their roles and you as a Lieutenant Commander will be expected to have a llevel of responsibility."

Evans adjusted in his char "That's to be expected as a Starfleet Officer sir"

"Very good." Elijah said smiling. "Now to fill you in on what's going on." He pulled up the interactive display. "We are heading to Niron 5 to meet with a possible entrant into the federation and their advanced Shipyard, the Presidium."

Evans watched as the display changed. "That's huge" he said as the shipyard came up.

Elijah nodded. "If rumours are to be believed they can build and launch a Sovereign Class in under five years."

Thinking for a brief second "that's impressive to say the least, Captain"

The Captain nodded. "And with the Jennarri threat Starfleet cannot turn down the opportunity to at least see if they are telling the truth."

"It would be quite the advantage" he smiled.

"I'll have you assigned to the Engineering Detail with Commander Cordale." Elijah commented to him. "Sorry to throw you in at the deep end."

Chris was more than used to being tossed right into the thick of things. "It's something I've become used to Captain" Chris said with a smile.

"Excellent, well I think we are done here." He said with a smile and a nod. "I'd recommend dropping your things in your quarters and then getting stuck in."

"Thank you sir" Evans gave a nod and planned on doing just what the CO suggested.

Lt. Commander Christopher Evans
Chief Operations Officer

Captain Elijah Michaels
Commanding Officer


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