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Reporting In, Sooner or Later

Posted on Mon Jul 3rd, 2017 @ 7:01pm by Lieutenant Alexander Vickers & Captain Elijah Michaels

Mission: Awakening
Location: CO's Ready Room, Deck 1

Alex leaned back and stretched in his seat. He had been sitting in his new office for a few hours viewing the briefings that Lieutenant Mordin, the ships resident Ts'usugi, had prepared for the crew and while he was not there to take part, Alex had learned a great deal on the two cultures.

Even though he hadn't been on board long, he felt happy with his surroundings and had a pleasant outlook on the future, so far anyways.

After retrieving a second cup of coffee from the replicator, Alex moved back to his desk and picked up a PADD to continue his reading of the briefings.

"Question is how do we divide the resources to do such?" Appeared on the screen, but Alex didn't who stated them. He pulled up the meeting roster and realized that not only was it Captain Michaels who asked the important question, but also that he hadn't met with his new Commanding Officer yet. He stood and after checking his appearance in a reflection, made his way to the bridge and rang the door chime to the CO's Ready Room; half hoping the man was there and half hoping the introduction would go well.

"Come in!" Elijah said as he stood in the alcove in his Ready Room. Turning to see the door.

Alex stepped in and stood in a strong but relaxed attention. "Lieutenant Alexander Vickers, reporting in, sir."

"Ah yes come in pull up a chair." Elijah said as he motioned to the vacant seats. "Can I get you anything? I jisy made tea."

Alex nodded while loosening up and taking his seat. "No thank you," he said quaintly as he preferred to keep things to the point.

The Captain nodded and took his seat. He poured his tea from his tea pot and sat back. "Welcome to Victory first off, I trust you had a safe journey that wasn't too eventful."

"Yes sir; uneventful so far." Alex said like looking at the man. It would be the first time the two had met.

"Secondly, I'm aware you are being thrown in the deep end with our mission and I trust you are up to speed?" Elijah asked before sipping his tea. "I believe Miss Mordin has given you a crash course in the politics and situation."

Alex finally relaxed a little and sat deeper into this seat. "Yes sir, that's correct. We met yesterday and while I have limited knowledge on the two species, she's helped give information on the current situation. I've been working through the briefings as well."

Elijah nodded. "Understood, I'm glad to see that you've embraced the challenge." The Captain slid him a PADD. "I've given recommendations for you to speak to Lieutenant Keller and Lieutenant Tajor to gain their perspective."

'Strategic operations..' Alex thought to himself. The Victory would be the first ship he had been assigned to that had a dedicated officer in that position. "Yes sir, I'll get on that as soon as possible. Have there been any recent updates on the situation?" He asked.

"No, I'm afraid not." Elijah responded to him. "We are completely on the dark as much as you are."

"Understood," Alex offered. "Is there anything else you would suggest before we make contact?"

"Brush up on the notes provided by Miss Mordin, I assume you are trained in Tactical Analysis correct?" The Captain asked.

"Yes sir," Alex offered. He knew the practice well, both from an Intelligence viewpoint and training from Starfleet Security.

"Excellent." The Captain. "Our Tactical Officer has left us rather abruptly so I am splitting that aspect of our mission between the XO, Strategic Operations and Intelligence."

Alex slightly raised his eyebrows; it was the first time he had heard of the Security Officer. "Understood. I'll meet with Lieutenant Tajor right away, if there's nothing else?"

He shook his head. "Not that I can think of Lieutenant." Elijah said as he keyed something into his console. "Transfer approved, here is your Office allocation and welcome to the USS Victory." He said handing him a PADD.

Alex stood while reaching and taking the PADD. "Thank you, again." He began to wonder where he would be able to find Lieutenant Tajor and assumed the computer would be of great help.

"Id also check in with the XO as well, since he would be your first port of call." The Captain commented.

"Yes sir," Alex replied and made a mental note to meet with the XO as well.

"I look forward to working with you Lieutenant." Elijah said with a nod and a smile. "I think we can call this meeting adjourned."

"Likewise, Captain" Alex said before turning to leave and find Lieutenant Tajor.


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