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Epsilon Sigma

Posted on Wed Sep 6th, 2017 @ 3:27am by Commander Bertrand Cuprum & Captain Elijah Michaels & Commander Cor Cordale & Lieutenant Hel Samedi & Lieutenant Commander Alec Wescott & Lieutenant Odelle Lin & Lieutenant Alexander Vickers & Ensign Todd Bailey & Lieutenant Valeria Mordin

Mission: When the Sinful strike back
Location: Main Bridge, USS Victory
Timeline: 05:30

Elijah sat in his Chair on the Victory's Bridge. It had been well over an hour since he had a message recalling them to Epsilon Sigma, the Shipyards on the edges of Federation Space. He looked around at the Bridge Crew who were assembled, even those who didn't normally occupy a Station were there.

"Ensign Baxter how long until we reach Epsilon Sigma?" He asked the Ensign occupying Ops.

"ETA is around twenty two minutes and forty six seconds Captain." She replied.

With a nod Elijah turned to Bertrand and Cordale. "Remind me again wasn't Epsilon Sigma the Yards they set up in anticipation for the new wave of exploration ships heading off into the unknown?"

Bertrand, of all of the crew, looked about normal. One of the advantages of living with long term sleep deprivation.

"Trade port initially," he provided. "Epsilon Sigma V is an annex of the Federation Museum and is widely recognized as possessing the best gift shop in the Federation. They got so much traffic that they had to build a starport for the trade. Then they expanded it to house research ships to provide more material for the museum, and the whole thing escalated. They are one of the largest ports for scientific research ships outside of Vulcan."

"No doubt they are a prime target for a race that wants to make it's presence felt; hit those places that represent decadence and hold cultural significance."

Cor was enjoying his second... no third, third mug of coffee, but couldn't bring them on the bridge. The Thux normally had a hunched over look, so any further hunch due to sudden awakening and lack of sleep would be hard to detect. "Shining jewel of the East, I think would be an apt description. All the hustle and bustle one would expect from the last port of call before stepping out into the great unknown."

Elijah was still unsure of the secrecy involved with this meeting but orders were orders and there was a sense of urgency to it all.


Eventually the Victory arrived at the Coordinates and dropped out of Warp, and what they found was a surprise indeed.

"Captain sensors indicate that Epsilon Sigma and the Shipyards are housing an entire Fleet." Baxter called out from Ops.

"On screen." Elijah said to her.

Epsilon Sigma was a hub of activity indeed, but for some odd reason there were no Research Ships. Defiant, Steamrunner, Sabres, Miranda Classes. Smaller Ships with Victory being one of the largest there. "Well those aren't research Ships." Keller commented as he looked at the viewer. "It looks like an Armada."

"Damn....that's the USS Pegasus...I used to serve aboard her." Alec said, in reference to one of the Defiant Class Vessels. "Now that's a big ship!" He said, looking at the viewscreen as a new ship warped in. "Looks like the USS Lexington, a Support Carrier I believe...this could get interesting.

Lin looked at the ships on the viewscreen. "Researching giving someone a whooping, maybe?"

Alex had quietly slipped onto the bridge and stood out of the way while taking in the exchanges; the bridge wasn't his normal posting. H was still catching up on the Victory's interactions with the Jennarri and while unable to discuss what reports he had received from Starfleet Intelligence, he knew the compiled fleet was not for any 'war games.'

Hel had at some point appeared on the bridge as well. She was leaning back against a bulkhead, arms folded over eachother, a frown on her brow. "I don't like the look of this." she mused, quietly.

Valeria Mordin made her way from one console to the other, presumably to get a better view of the gathered fleet. As she walked past Hel, she simply shook her head, "No, this fleet was assembled in the wrong direction." she quietly mentioned to the pale human, before she continued to her destination.

Todd's COMM alerted him that he needed to report for duty on the bridge. Sitting bolt upright in bed at being woken by the message, he said "No mum, it wasn't me, the dog did it!!!"

He looked around him slightly confused and then at his chronometer, it was still the early hours of the morning and he'd only come off shift four hours before. Rubbing his eyes, stretching and ending it all with a massive yawn, his fuddled brain finally played ball and allowed him to ascertain that he had to get up and get dressed. Aching muscles protested at having to get working again and he mumped "Shut up and stop hurting, it's not my fault we've been called in again."

Within a short period of time he stepped out of the turbolift and onto the bridge.

Elliot had stood to the Port Aft of the Bridge. He examined the Ships that were on the Screen. "USS Pioneer, they're supposed to be in the Delta Quadrant." He commented in surprise. "USS Westminster? I thought that was retired."

Elijah nodded. "Westminster was Commissioned in 2320 I believe, the old girl fought against the Tzenkethi, the Cardassians and the Dominion and was scheduled to be mothballed but it appears not."

Cordale took a look out across the assembled fleet, looking at the ships and craft assembled, and rather than a sense of awe or a wonder about the gathered classes, the Thux just shook his head. "That's a lot of ship out there." he muttered, musing about the battle motions to come.

Baxter turned to Elijah. "Captain incoming transmission from the Shipyard."

"On screen." He said in response.

The Screen turned once again to Admiral Goddard though this time it was in the Main Operations of the Yard and it was an unsecure channel. "Good Morning Captain, nice of the Victory to join us." He said half joking though a tone of seriousness. "I'll be beaming aboard your ship momentarily with my entourage so have your Crew assembled in the Conference Room and i'll meet you all there." The channel then went dead.

"I'll set the coffee." Cordale called, turning towards the accessway to the conference room. He took a single step towards his destination, before looking to the Captain for either the go-ahead motion, or the hold-back motion.

Elijah nodded. "Well you heard the man, lets reconvene in the Conference Room, Baxter you have the Bridge."

Bertrand's brow was furrowed deeper than usual, "They are going to need a lot of Captain's for a fleet that large. My arm is itching again."

Alec stood from the security console, and headed for the Conference Room. No matter what was going on here, it was sure to be an interesting situation.

Curiosity had gotten the better of Todd and he'd made his way forward slightly to get a better view of the ships onscreen. He watched as the different vessels passed by, but had a slight gasp and intake of breath as he inadvertently pointed at the viewer and said louder than intended "Wow, that's a Constitution Class refit, what's she doing there, surely she's not been called back into action?"

As the Senior Staff made their way across the Bridge to the conference room, Baxter turned to Todd. "Only time will tell, now take your Station Ensign." She said as she took her seat at the Captains Chair in the absence of the Senior Staff.

"Aye" Todd replied, and sat at his console.


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