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Posted on Thu Dec 14th, 2017 @ 12:01pm by Rear Admiral Tim Goddard & Captain Elijah Michaels & Commander Bertrand Cuprum & Commander Cor Cordale & Lieutenant Commander Ziyal Tajor & Lieutenant Hel Samedi & Lieutenant Commander Alec Wescott & Lieutenant Valeria Mordin

Mission: When the Sinful strike back
Location: USS Regent, USS Fearless, USS Fearless

"Have you located them yet?" Goddard asked as he clutched his chair on the Bridge of his Starship, the USS Regent. The Ambassador Class had been the Flagship for the liberation and had held her own but now came the next task.

"Aye Sir, they're adrift and Lifesupport is off in all sections of the Ship bar the Bridge, Sickbay and the Mess Hall."

"Take us in, inform Victory and Cosmos to carry on directing the battle." Goddard said as he watched the darkened bridge care carry out his orders.

In no time at all the Regent had lowered her shields and began to beam the survivors aboard the Ship. "Fearless Bridge Crew report to the Bridge."

With Lieutenant Sokolov dead and Lieutenant Samedi in sickbay fighting for her life, Chief Petty Officer Bob Ainsley had the duty to step up to the plate, and step up he had. Still wearing his EVA suit but helmet under arm he made his way onto the Regent's bridge, there to snap into a salute. "Chief Petty Officer Bob Ainsley, acting Chief Engineer, USS Fearless. Thanks for the pickup, Sir."

Next to arrive on the Fearless bridge was the resident rabbitess, Valeria Mordin. Also attired in her EVA suit, her helmet removed but also tucked under an arm similar to the Engineer. She came to attention as she entered the bridge, "Lieutenant Valeria Mordin, Science Division. Present and accounted for." she paused, "Appreciations on the timely arrival. Have the wounded been taken to Sickbay directly?"

"Indeed they have," Bert answered before the Admiral could. "Hence my delay. 7 crew accounted for in Medical. 8 still functional. 9 dead. How goes the battle Admiral?"

“See for yourself.” Goddard said as he switched to the main view screen. The sight of Victory leading the charge was a magnificent spectacle but then the sight of the large Galaxy Class off her Port Aft was unexpected.

“Jennarri Fleet has began their withdrawl, Victory and the Cosmos have initiated Tractor beams, Anchorage has taken the Brussels and the Dartmoor to escort the Intrepids back from the surface.”

Tarlee arrived during the report. “Wait did I just hear the Cosmos? As in Gates’s Ship?"

Bertrand's eyes narrowed when he looked at Goddard, "But you aren't surprised by that. The Cosmos was not at the rally, so you were hoping not to use Gates and his crock pot of miracles unless absolutely necessary."

"You're good even without having to read my mind Commander." Goddard commented.

"How can my crew and I be helpful now, sir?" Bertrand asked, abruptly changing the topic.

"Assume Stations on the Bridge, see to your wounded and prepare for clean up operations." The Admiral said.

"Aye, sir," Bertrand nodded. "You heard the man. Consider yourself Regent crew. Check with Operations where you are needed most. If I can suggest we tow as many of the abandoned but intact vessels as we can? "

Goddard nodded. "See to it Commander."

"Captain message from the USS Regent." Baxter said skimming through the message. "Fearless survivors are aboard and the Jennarri are falling back."

Elijah nodded. "Number One, I want a damage report and casualty manifest."

"Aye sir. All departments head, send in a casualty report for your departments. Bridge to Engineering, damage report?" He asked, compiling some of the reports he'd already had and handing them over to Elijah.

"Scotty, nice flying out there. Return us to the debris field there has to be somebody alive out there."

"All hands this is the Captain, we have beaten back the Jennarri and forced them to retreat, I am proud of you all and you have served with distinction and courage. Let's see to getting our girl home and fixed up. Michaels out." The Captain stood up and walked over to his Ready Room. "Alex you have the Bridge."

"Aye sir." Alec said, taking the Captains chair.

"Leaving the Atmosphere in five, four, three," The Helmswoman said as the ship shook from exiting the planet. "We are clear of the Planet and setting a course for the Rendevousz."

Ziyal stepped onto the bridge. "You requested my presence Captain?" She asked. As she had been walking to the bridge she had quickly caught herself up on what was happening around the ship and in the battle that they had been engaged in.

"Incoming message from the Anchorage, they're here to escort us to the Fleet." The Officer manning coms said. "We were the last Ship off the Planet."

"Signal the Anchorage, give them our sit rep and the latest reports from AJ once they're available." Cordale passed along, "Just get us off this rock." he grumbled. He turned towards Ziyal, and gave her a nod, "Anything from our guests?"

"Not yet, although that they are using telepathy is confirmed. I have some suspicions. It may take some time to build the rapport required to get actionable intelligence out of them. I suspect that if we separate them from the Jennari we captured, will will have a better chance. I'd like to get Commander Cuprum to scan them to see what is happening from a telepathic perspective."

Cordale gave a nod, "Y'know, never did like Telepathy." he commented with a smirk, "Felt like cheating... but yeah, I'm sure you, me, and everyone in Intel wants to know what's going on up there. I mean hell, how do you effectively mind woogie a city?" he paused. "Please don't have an easy answer for that."

Ziyal didn't say anything but three examples had instantly popped into her mind. That one was the Tantalus Penal Colony experiment was not reassuring. There was also the Pyris VII incident and the highly illegal Thought maker. There were probably more if she stopped and thought about it.

Elliot arrived momentarily after Ziyal. The Diplomatic Officer nodded and assumed his station. "Any news on the status of the fleet?"

"Casualties were surprisingly light, a few destroyed ships but all their crews evacuated in time." The Officer at Kellers Station commented.

Ziyal nodded, thinking about the implications. Ships could be rebuilt, often wars rose and fell on experienced personnel. Even though their ships had been destroyed, they had gained valuable combat experience.

"Setting course to rejoin the Fleet Captain." The Officer at Helm said as they tapped away at their instruments.


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