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Cleaning out the ghosts

Posted on Thu Jan 28th, 2016 @ 12:43am by Lieutenant Mickey McClane & Commander Cor Cordale & Commander Bertrand Cuprum & Lieutenant Ishan Satele & Johnathen Wade
Edited on on Mon Mar 7th, 2016 @ 2:54am

Mission: If I told you...
Location: 10 Forward

Unusually, Bertrand was the first to arrive at the bar in 10 forward. It had not changed much since he was last here, what with Wade being on the mission with them.

He moved over to a bar stool and sat down with an exaggerated sigh. There was no one else in sight yet but he could feel the mind in the next room.

"Hey, Barkeep! You in?"

"Yeah yeah, hold on." Jack stepped from behind and partition in the bar, where a kitchen had been built. He nodded to Bertrand and then turned his head back too the kitchen. "Hey Roger, check the roasts" another voice from the kitchen yelled out. "Almost done boss!"

The older barman stepped up the the chief of security. "What can I get you Chief?"

"Just one of that cinnamon scotch. After that I am on strict no booze, by order of the Chief of Security, got it? Mess that up and we'll both be answering to him in the morning."

Mickey and Aladdin came in prepared. Mickey had his first phaser without the security chip on him. He didn't let it out but he made sure it was visible as the phaser was set for stun only. Aladdin had objected.

"Mickey, don't you do it. Besides, Smith will not dare to show his face here. Two, if you shoot that thing at him. Not only will you be in trouble I'll lose you forever" Aladdin spoke his mind. He then noticed that Bertrand was nearby.

Mickey wanted to tell him how he feels he was feeling very flustered by the moment of what happened.

Bertrand felt the anger and frustration in a cloud around Mickey and nodded towards him. "Hello, Mickey. If you are looking for fun and to unwind then this is the place for it. If you are looking for trouble, it all gets left at the front door there, next to mine."

Bertrand pointed to an imaginary pile of woes near the entrance.

"Mickey, please listen to Bertrand. You don't need his blood on your hands" Aladdin said as he backed off from Bertrand and Mickey.

Bertrand saw Mickey fingering his Phaser. It was more than just a weapon to Mickey, it was an image of the way things had been in the glory days, a call to be something more than he was now.

"Forget Bertrand, I'll kick your ass if you shoot anyone in here. Now put that down before you hurt yourself"

Mickey turned to look at Wade. He then spoke to him "No one, I mean no one, will get hurt. Besides, if Smith shows up i'll stun his ass" Mickey said then he was about to speak but Bertrand had spoke up.

"All friends here, though," Bertrand said waving his hand at the empty room.

The next one through the doors was Valeria Mordin. The doors swished open, she swished in, and the doors swished shut behind her. "Did I come at a bad time?" she asked, a touch of a smirk on her features at the scene unraveling before her. "Mister Wade, a pleasure again under more favorable circumstances. Rice wine, please? Ch..." she cleared her throat, "Served to the bartender's preference." as she closed the distance to the bar. "Commander Bertrand, sir. Is this stool taken?" she motioned to the stool next to him.

"Is now," Bertrand grunted amiably. "I'll have one of those stakes Roger is caring for. Make it so rare there is a chance Dr Dereing could still save it."

Jack turned around and opened a small hatch in the liquor cabinet, it was a chill chest full of wines. "I remembered how you said you liked it chilled, so I went through the books and found a rice wine that was designed to be served slightly cold, I believed they classified it as an aromatic." He pulled out a slightly chilled wine glass and poured, handing it too the rabbitess "It did also mention that this particular one was best treated like a white wine. Enjoy". He then started too pour Bertrand a small bit of the cinnamon whiskey he was working on.

The science officer took the stool with a nod and a soft smile, then as Jack poured her drink she actually gave a wider smile. "I'm honored you remembered." and gently taking the small cup in hand, she raised it a bit in something of a salute, before she took the first sip.

As Wade served the drinks another fellow came from kitchen. He was a tall young man, blonde hair, blue eyes, dressed like and professional chef and a physique that screamed all American quarterback. He looked like he could take a Vulcan in a hand to hand fight. With him was a plate filled with a few thick slices of prime rib, still red in the middle, and what looked like mashed potatoes but was spotted with bits of bacon and cheddar and a hint of garlic. "I haven't made any steaks yet, but I do hope this prime rib will suffice. May I get anyone anything meal wise?"

Kevin silently entered the room and stood at the far end of the bar. Catching the Chef's eye he nodded and said "S'up"

Roger nodded "what can i get for you?"

"Yes, I'd like Beef Wellington, with some yorkies on the side of the plate please, and handful of steamed vegetables...Chef's discretion. Can you also make sure the gravy's thickened please, thanks."

"Right on it"

Kevin nodded in reply, then looked at Wade saying "Southern Comfort, no ice please."

Wade tried not to shake his head. "Southern Comfort straight, coming up" he quickly poured the drink and handed it too the man.

When the drink arrived Kevin softly said "You seem at odds to hide your feelings about me or something I've said or done Mr Wade, would you care to unburden yourself?"

"It's nothing on you, It's my feelings on Southern Comfort as a stand alone drink." Said Wade.

"An acquired taste" Kevin replied.

"A salad, prepared to the chef's preference. Chicken substitute if there's a meat option." Valeria ordered herself a meal.

Finally through the doors came everyone's favorite Thux, Cordale. "Hey everyone." he waved with his good arm, "Don't worry, clean bill of health." he said with a bit of seriousness uncommon to the usually jovial being. He took a sit at the bar, and gave a nod to those about. "Mickey, have a sit. No point in standing around all day." he commented, "You need a few more pips on that collar to have a stick THAT far up." he chuckled, all in good fun, as he spun in the barstool a full rotation before coming to a stop. "Root beer, if you please. Colder than ice. As for a nibble, how about some steak, with a side of beef?" the Thux half-joked. "Actually, whatever the big guy there's cookin' up will be more than fine by me."

"I do have some firm tofu if you would like me to use that for your salad. I could grill it too add some seared smokeyness to it." Roger smiled too the Rabitess as Jack pulled out a bottle of an old brand of root beer from the chill chest, A&W. "Want it straight up or with some ice cream?" He smirked.

Lieutenant Mickey McClane, being the grump that he is, he went to the window and stared out into space. Aladdin wasn't far behind as he wasn't going to leave him alone. Aladdin brushed his leg but Mickey felt it as he just rubbed his head knowing he was Ok. Mickey then Deactivated the phaser then put it back in his custom phaser holster as he crossed his arms and just stared out the window. Standing like a Statue.

"I never could truly acquire a taste for tofu, which is an odd thing to say about something that acquires the taste of other foods around it. Diced chicken, if it is no trouble please." Valeria offered to Roger. Meanwhile, Cordale's eyes actually widened at the prospect given to him, as though to say...

"Holy shit, it can come with Ice Cream?" a pause from the Thux as he somewhat composed himself. "Do it. This I need to try."

"Mister Cordale, you've the heart of a child." Valeria complimented, and the engineer took it well. "Thanks, it's never too late to try new things. Especially if those new things are ice cream."

Valeria giggled.

Roger nodded and vanished back into the kitchen, as Jack quickly made the Thux a rootbeer float and placed it in front of him with a straw and a spoon. "Trust me on the straw, you don't want the ice cream to slide up and smack you in the face while drinking"

The grumpy Lieutenant, brought out his own personal drink. Romulan Ale. He poured himself a cup from it and starting drinking it. Knowing Bertrand was in the room there was an evil smile on his face

Bertrand stiffened when he saw the drink. Romulan ale was outlawed and Mickey and he have had a run in on the issue before. He opened his mouth to speak but then caught the hint of Mickey's humour.

"That... that's NOT Romulan ale, is it?" he managed finally.

"You fell for it! It's the blue fruit punch I made, Code-named Romulan ale" Mickey turned around and smiled.

Bertrand genuinely smiled. He was too wound up, and that prank had proved it. He had been looking for trouble himself. Time to let go. It was the first time in hours that his hands didn't itch. Why couldn't he just enjoy it?

"Cor, I finally pranked him the right way!" Mickey put the cup down and just ran around the room as the sugar took effect.

And at that, Cor actually smirked, "That's the best way to do it, buddy." he said with *almost* as much enthusiasm as when he found out that Root Beer and Ice Cream apparently had a history together.

"Kids today," Bertrand growled in mock annoyance to Wade.

Jack rolled his eyes at the supposed prank. "I don't know what is worse, that, or the fact that is considered a prank these days"

Soon after the statement Roger came out with a large serving tray and begins too lay out everyone's order. A perfectly cooked Beef Wellington with Yorkies and a thick brown gravy with a side of mixed steamed vegetables for. "For you my lord" he said with a slight grin. For the rabbitess a grilled chicken ceaser salad. "And for you my lady." And lastly a few thick cuts of prime rib with a side of fries, topped with that thick brown gravy and fresh mozzarella. "Trust me on the fries". He gives them all a gracious bow and goes to work on more starters for other meals.

"Thank you" Kevin said as Roger placed his meal in front of him "and actually, the correct title you'd use would be 'Your Grace'" he added, smiling back.

"Thank you. You honor me with titles." Valeria showed her gratitude. "When I was younger, and far more prone to getting into trouble, my friends and I would travel past the fields of Night Wardens and play Not Afraid near one of the darker caves. Though, the other game we used to play was where we'd all pretend to be important dignitaries and figures far... FAR above our station. We'd give out orders to make believe followers, and when someone became the majordomo, they'd order everyone to start a new game. Since, well, none of us wanted to even *pretend* to be the Emperor. That'd be disrespectful."

She smiled softly, "The title, 'Your Grace'. It reminded me of one of those memories, where I was the high abbotess."

Jack started to casually wipe down unused area's of the bar as everyone ate. "Actually, My Lord is used when acting in the service of one of higher station. Your Grace is a more general term for conversation and such. Since Roger was technically serving your food, My Lord would be correct. But if he where to address you in the corridors... well he probably wouldn't say Your Grace cause that's a bit of a weird way to address a member of Star Fleet in general"

Kevin glanced at the barkeep as he replied "Actually, 'Your Grace' is used in this situation, as well as in all situations, be it social or domestic, when interacting with nobility of my given station. 'My Lord' is used only when in any military situation or in the presence of equal or higher standing or ranking dignitaries. Please don't tell me how my titles are used Mr Wade, I've had one since my mother gave birth to me and I've lived my life being trained in, when and how, to use them" he finished.

Cordale gave Roger a nod, "The Duck of Thuxdale accepts your ... wait, I meant Duke. I meant Duke."

"Lieutenant would do me just fine, thanks all the same," Bertrand harrumphed. "Except that it's now lieutenant COMMANDER, isn't. Damn fools. I thought you were trying to get away from all those titles and things, Kevin."

"I am in the main Commander" Kevin replied "however, there are certain situations where using it helps open doors, grease palms, get you noticed when needs be....etc, etc. By the same token, when someone tries to tell you something that's not the case, you do what you have to, to 'enlighten' them" he finished.

Wade looked like he was about to open his mouth to respond when Rogers voice came from the kitchen. "Shut up Jack, you're about as noble as the dark side of a rock, take the guys word for it." Wade grumbled in response.

Walking into Ten Forward, Satele saw the group of the crew over to one side. Thinking about it for a moment, she decided to find an empty table to sit at by herself. As it was, she had some studying to do to catch up on what she'd missed while away from Starfleet, so she put a small stack of PADD's on the table infront of her and started at the top

Bertrand signaled his empty glass, "Another."

"No, Commander." Mickey said as he intervened. "Mr.Wade, get him something non-alcoholic. Besides, if the man is to maintain order at least we all have to watch each other. Please" Mickey suggested

Jack responded by opening up the bottle of cinnamon whiskey and pours him another glass. "He is off duty and if a guy his age and build gets hammered off of two small glasses of whiskey he probably shouldn't be asking for any to begin with."

"Roger, can i have some Kibbles N Bits. Please" Aladdin asked the chef for food. "As for me people, i will have the lobster" Mickey asked nicely

Roger came out with the a bowl of kibbles and bits for Aladdin and placed it infront of the canine. "Would you like just a whole lobster or would you like it more prepared in some fashion?"

"Yes, you may make it into lobster Florentine. See if you can also add some punch romaine please" Mickey asked nicely

Kevin hadn't realized how hungry he'd been, and smacked his lips as he placed the napkin he'd used down on the bar next to his empty plate "I have to say, my compliments to the Chef, that was nearly as good as Mrs McMasters cooking!"

Looking down at his stomach he said "What say you, still room in there for pudding?"

He pretended to listen for a few seconds and then said "I thought so to....Chef, your finest sticky toffee pudding with custard please."

Cordale looked up from his steak and fries to give Kevin the most serious look a Thux ever gave a man. "Sir... as the Duck of Thuxdale, I say to you... there's always room for pudding." and then after a second of seriousness, the cobalt-blue weaseloid gave a smile, and returned to his conquest of Steaktown.

"I'll second that" Kevin replied to the Thux.

"Yes, I'll have a second," Bertrand waved his empty glass.

Roger nodded to both Kevin and Mickey, but before heading to the kitchen walked over too Satele's table. "May I get you anything miss? food or drink?"

Kevin looked round at Bertrand and said "So, what now Commander?"

Bertrand considered, "You mean right now? Or the fall out from that mission?"

"Both" Kevin replied.

"Right now, I am going to enjoy another Scotch. I had forgotten how good they are. After that, we find the son of a... we find Admiral Gates and hang him out to dry."

Kevin thought back to the PADD he'd had in the de-briefing and then said "Yes, and those who helped him..."

Bertrand growled his agreement. He felt a clarity of mind and purpose. Three (four?) drinks in and the world resolved again. Everything became clearer and more focused. He would find the people responsible and make them pay. All of them. All of the mean little vermin who degraded life. All of the people who gave orders for others to die. Everyone who was responsible, right back to Wolf 359.

Mickey took the Cinnamon Whiskey away, he returned it into the replicator. "You don't need it, besides we need you at the top of your game, Commander" Mickey responded nicely to the commander and gave him some fruit punch to drink. "You know I'm right. I mean, you had saved my hide i am just making sure our chief of security is still sober and calm" Mickey said then Aladdin came in. "Nothing will happen so as long as were around" Aladdin spoke nicely

Bertrand had a flash of anger. How dare this boy tell him... but it was just a flash. There was still a core of Bertrand who could see the sense in what had been done.

"Yeah... Top game... right," he muttered. "You know I might try some of your blue syrup drink.


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