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Posted on Wed Jul 1st, 2015 @ 2:19pm by Captain Elijah Michaels & Commander Cor Cordale & Lieutenant Mickey McClane & Commander Bertrand Cuprum & Lieutenant & Lieutenant Mikela Reyes MD & Ensign Moriloth
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Mission: Debts to be settled......
Location: Bridge, USS Victory
Timeline: Concurrent/End of Closing the Circle

Elijah sat in his Chair on the Bridge, the XO was next to him and so was the Counselor. The Ship was still in orbit of the Planet and even with the Survivor onboard, something didn't seem right.

The Ship was on Red Alert. Bertrand had made the call after discovering something about the guest they had found. "I want Security on every Deck, Marines to flood the Access Points." Elijah said looking at Tactical. "I knew it, why didn't we suspect it?" He asked out loud.

"To be honest? The Dominion snooping aorund looking for a reason to stir the pot probably distracted us. Though why would this survivor turn on us?" Michelle said.

"That's what I'd come up to tell you." Mikela had seated herself in the third chair at the CO's request, and was frankly glad to give her knee a rest. "Everything I've read about his reactions has been wrong, from a psychological point of view, unless he's a hostile. It looks like my information was late." She had started twitching her foot periodically ever since Elijah had called for Marines. She could feel her pulse rising slightly, her body wanting to leap into readiness.

Michelle said, "Bridge to Sickbay, status report?"

=^=This is Sickbay! All i can tell you is that a founder was discovered in sickbay and fled. After Bertrand called red alert. All is secure now in sickbay all in sickbay are OK other then being surprised is all. =^=Antos commented quickly.

"Oh hell...." Elijah said at that report. "That means they're anywhere on the Ship."

Mickey and Acting Ensign Aladdin arrived on the bridge. He was having a good rest when the bridge went onto red alert. He was followed by ensign Kevin as well.

"Operations standing by," Mickey said as he took his station.

Elijah nodded as he approached the Ops Station. "Mickey, I want you to have all non-essential Crew confined to quarters that way we can hopefully narrow down potential disguises."

"Aye, Sir. Relocating now" Mickey launches the orders for the crew to be confined to quarters till further notice.

Elijah pressed his Commbadge. "Bridge to Engineering, Cor I have a Security Team coming to you incase our Friend decides to pay a visit."

"Cordale here. I'm always in the mood to make new friends, but once they arrive, I'm locking down Engineering. Tell them to pack for a sleepover." the Thux chuckled over the comm.

Bertrand arrived at the bridge in time to hear the call. Realizing his report was now redundant he made do with moving to Tactical Station.

"Boy, I tell you, Bertrand, this is going to be one helluva ride," Aladdin spoke in his mind to Bertrand.

Didn't respond. He was in business mode. Scanners were useless, and for some reason his security teams were firing weapons everywhere they went.

"Kilbane, what's the status in Operations?" he asked over comms.

Kevin heard the question through his COMM badge, and as he was now physically on the bridge he replied "The shape shifter was in the Operations department, however, they escaped again through one of the vents Lieutenant. I knew if it were there, we wouldn't be able to visually detect where it was, so I had an idea that if we used a low frequency reverse charge phaser burst, a burst that couldn't harm any systems in the room, we could in effect 'shock' the shape shifter into revealing where it was hiding, and offer us a chance to capture it. The idea worked, we did find out where it was hiding, unfortunately for us it was to close to a vent and it escaped. In the corridor and rooms around Operations, I've asked Security teams two, three, four, five and six to do exactly what we did in the Operations room, to see if we can flush it out again. I also asked that if any of the teams found the shape shifter on that deck, they were to report it into the bridge immediately, under no circumstances was there to be any heroics. I would also like to report Sir, that using this technique, the low frequency reverse charge phaser burst, affords no damage to the ship, any equipment or systems onboard and neither does it bare any danger to any member of her crew. Safety always comes first in my duty Sir."

Bertrand stabed a gloved finger at the junior officer, "Inspired! You seem to have more of an idea about coordinating those groups, so you take Security and I will manage tactical."

He turned to the Captain, "We are expecting some sort of external support. There may still be a Dominion ship nearby. The Founder used a communicator to call for a pick up."

"...and there they are. Three Dominion Cruisers dropping out of Warp!"

Elijah sighed. "All hands Battlestations, ready Phasers and load all Torpedo Bays." The Commander knew that a Founder on a Starfleet Ship would stir up trouble, and right now trouble had found them.

Kevin was slightly taken aback at what Lt Cuprum had just said about him taking Security and Cuprum managing tactical.

"Not that I have any problems in the slightest with taking Security Lt Cuprum, and coordinating the teams" Kevin said quickly "but what about Lt Wakeman, don't you think they'll be somewhat...put out, that an Ensign has been asked to coordinate the Security teams, rather than them?"

"You are here, She is in Engineering," Cuprum responded beginning the targeting rotation and plotting firing solutions. When she gets here, you can hand the roll on and get out into the field like we would both rather be doing.

"We are not at war just yet, Ensign, and I'd rather have our boys keeping the crew safe than Soldiers looking for a fight. Keep our people moving, but if you need extra man power, ask for it from the Marines."

"Marines won't be necessary Sir, our Security teams can cope" Kevin assured Lt Cuprum.

Elijah pressed his Comm on the side of his Chair. "This is Commander Michaels of the Federation Starship Victory, we have no quarrel with the Dominion." He said looking around at his Bridge Crew. "We are conducting a Search for missing Researchers."

The screen flickered to life displaying the pale eyes of a Vorta, "Captain, I am so pleased to see you are able to attend the bridge again. I am Vorta Kayvan. I trust you have had enough time to extract your team from the Planet?"

Mikela's lips tightened just slightly. She didn't react otherwise. The inside of her brain, though, was screaming /They know, they know, they know!/ She wasn't empathic and her counselor training was new, but her Marine training was deeply ingrained, and she could see the danger in the formation pattern of the ships themselves. The Vorta's very posture only confirmed it to her.

With the viewscreen up and the audio operating, though, the Counselor wasn't sure how to alert Commander Michaels, and though she knew that he might already be aware, she couldn't bet their lives on it. After a moment, she suddenly remembered that there was actually a minimalistic system built into the arm of her chair. Taking it in with her peripheral vision, a trick she learned from her 'former life', she tapped her fingers against it, sending her message to the captain's seat. She didn't even know if he would notice it in time, or if he even dared look away from the viewscreen.

She was still fully aware of the Red Alert and the security officers who were even now hunting for an enemy that could be anywhere. It was like a full-body itch, telling her to move, to get up and find a tactically safe posture. She refused to let that instinct take control.

The Commander could hear the faint bleep from his console. He couldn't just turn around to check it out. He had to be cautious with the Vorta. "Yes thank you, I am sorry that I could not meet you sooner." Elijah looked at the pale skinned Vorta. "May I ask as to why three Cruisers are here to meet us?"

"You may not," the Vorta replied. "What Dominion choose to do in Dominion space is not the concern of the United Federation of Planets. However, I agreed to allow you time to extract your away team from the surface as a gesture of good will; an attempt to find a peaceful solution. Now you make excuses for your extended stay; some new story about a lost science team. Captain, I can't help but suspect you of illicit activity. I am afraid I am going to have to ask you to lower your shields and prepare to receive an investigative team. Once you have convinced them of the sincerity of your claim we will consider allowing you extra time in our space."

Elijah's eyes widened as he returned to his seat. "I was not aware that we were in violation of Dominion Space, for that I can only apologize. I will have to check the charts myself." He said before slyly examining the bleep from Mikela. He knew what she was getting at and he could not agree more. "Oh well, these charts must not be updated Kayvan, but there is no lie about the lost researchers they are missing on the planet."

"So you agree to lower your shields and accept our boarding party?" Kayvan was not to be guided form the focus of his question.

The Commander sat back in his seat. He was not prepared to lower his shields and be at the mercy of the Dominion. But he didn't want to start a war with the Dominion again. Elijah shook his head. "No." The Commander looked at the viewer. "We are here on a mission of peace, your Ships are in an attack formation and I will not submit to the jackboot of such tyranny whilst you are in such a posture."

The Vorta's face became very serious, loosing the Faux smile it had held till now. "You are in our space. You have declined our window of safe passage. You insult us and refuse to answer for your presence. You admit to landing on Dominion territory. There is no Tyranny here, Captain. I am afraid you have left me no choice. Surrender your ship immediately and I will see all your civilians and junior officers are returned to Federation space. If you refuse, then you force us to defend our sovereignty by force."

Elijah eyed the Vorta. "You attacked a Federation Outpost, abducted or killed several Federation Citizens and then use a Founder to divert our attention." The Commander stood up from his seat. "I am not going to be one of them."

The Vorta smiled again, "Thank you, Captain. Humans are so easy to bait. Although you have no proof of your claims about abduction, you do admit to holding a Dominion citizen on your ship against his or her will. We will be retrieving him shortly."

The screen went dead.

"Weapons locking onto us!" Bertrand yelled.

"I hate that little bugger." Elijah said shaking his head and returning to his seat. "Divert non essential power to weapons and shields, have Sickbay ready to receive casualties."

"He already knew what we had, and we already knew what he wanted," Mikela noted wryly. "What I don't like is that we're more than a match for them. He's got to know that, and we already know from his political maneuvering onscreen that he's not an idiot. I have no idea why he appears to be bluffing, and I don't like that at all. Not that there's really anything we can do about it."

The ship shook as the first volley of phaser fire hit the shields.

Kevin tapped his COMM badge "Kilbane to Karadis!"

"Karadis here Sir" came the almost instantaneous reply.

"Forget the sweep to try and find the shape shifter, the Vorta are now here and they want to try and force a search and rescue" Kevin began "send teams one, two, three and four to guard all critical and essential areas of the ship, action Arca, I repeat, action Arca, do you understand?"

Karadis knew exactly what this meant as she looked at the teams around her. They were young, tough, but some were inexperienced, but that didn't matter, Arca had been called, and that's what would be explained to them and those orders would be followed to the letter.

"Yes Sir, action Arca, understood clearly" Karadis answered "What about teams five and six Sir?" she asked.

"Team five to the bridge, team six to the armoury" Kevin replied "and make sure six know that no-one gets in there to take anything out, Kilbane out!"

"Aye Sir, all orders understood, Karadis out" she replied, then the link went dead.

The ship shook again. Bertrand held onto the Tactical console with his gloved right hand while typing furiously with his left, "They are focusing their fire on our Ventral Aft section. I think they might be targeting Engineering."

"I have diverted Auxiliary Power and Emergency Power to the Defense systems. I am diverting all available power left to the shields." Mickey replied from the Ops station as he made sure the ship was prepared.

Against attackers in formation, cloverleaf evasion seemed the best defence. Moriloth began spinning the big starship on its horizontal plane. While doing this, she alternated between maximum forward and reverse propulsions. Even in a large ship, it was a dizzying tactic which made it impossible for enemy ships to coordinate for precision attacks. "Let me know when we have warp drive! They'll eat stardust!"

Cordale had a few surprises in store for this supposed intruder. "Okay people, we have an intruder. Problem is, they can look like anyone, so here's the deal. Every ten minutes, I want everyone to log in and go through a bio-metric scan at their console. Nothing invasive, we're just going to find out who's who. Our intruder can imitate form, but not function. They'll look like a Federation man, sound like a Federation man, even possibly know some of our jargon. That's as far as the deception goes, though." Cor didn't want to give away the whole plan. It involved checking their comm badges for a biometric match, something a Founder couldn't duplicate. Killing a crew hand would invalidate their biometric profile, so no snatch and grab for him.

Or her. These were progressive times, really.

A few taps on the console the Thux was at set his next security plan in motion. A low yield magnetic charge was sent through the superstructure of the engineering bay. Nowhere near where any of the engineers were, and low enough not to interfere with their work. Though, it was set to repeat about thirty times a second, effectively producing a phased magnetic field, or in laymen terms, a magnetic shield. Would it stop a phaser? Hell no. Would it scramble a transport? Most certainly.

"Well Zach. The doors are closed and the men are watchful. Be on your guard, and trust no one." a pause, "I'm the real Cordale." The Thux paused, "That's what the impostor would say. Wallet Sharks." a pause, and then he leaned in and whispered something to Zach. "That's the secret code. There, now that we're at maximum paranoia... you ready for this?"

Meanwhile, in a Jefferies tube accessing the main power relays, the floor rippled as the Founder moved along. He had been prevented from accessing Operations, which means the crew would be prepared for him to try in engineering as well. Still, there was more than one way to cripple a ship.

He half formed in the tube and removed the protective housing. With an expert hand he quickly stripped out the plasma control clamps and swapped out the flow inhibitors. He didn't have to wait long.

Bertrand was reporting to the Captain, "Their lead ship is at only 30% shields. Ours are holding in a rotational pattern to spread the load. I think a cobalt spread might..."

As he was speaking the panels around the bridge went black and the noise of the engines faltered. For a moment there was nothing then the red emergency lighting kicked in but when the panels came on the news was catastrophic.

"We've lost weapons and shields," Bertram called frantically trying to find where his power had gone.

Mikela moved. She had been fighting with her own instincts as the fight had progressed, but this was too much for her. She left her seat, made a couple of surprisingly quick steps for a half-cripple, and took up position against the wall between the Ready Room and turbolift doors. She had already drawn the phaser she kept concealed against her leg, and held her cane ready in her other hand. Less than ten seconds after Bertram notified them of the loss of shields, Ex-Marine Mikela Reyes was ready to repel potential boarders with... everything she had left in her.

Mickey had pounded his fist. "Main power's off-line, we are function on reserve power only but not enough to calibrate" Mickey said on his report

Helm control fell dead. "Propulsion has failed!" With the Sovereign still spinning out of control on inertia, all Moriloth could do was apply stabilizing thrusters to make it easier for gunnery.

Medical Section

Antos was dealing with an influx of patients from all over the ship. "Whats going on here All was good and secure and now I have patients and losing power and no emh." He said more out of shock then anger. He sighed as He did the best he could under the circumstances. He dealt with the worst cases first then placed them on the bio beds on the far side of sickbay as the assistant kept them comfortable and relaxed as best as she could. He moved to the waiting room and snagged five new patients and placed them on there own bio bed. As the scanners scanned them he grabbed one more and placed them on the main center bio bed, as the scans were coming up. He grabbed a tricorder and done a quick scan and grabbed a dermal regenerator and started to closes the wounds.

He moved to the next bio bed as the current reading were read and then he started healing them all in a row. Majority of the injuries were minor in nature. and most were dismissed back to there duty stations or to there quarters to heal up. By the time he was done there were 5 fairly hurt patients. Anto felt like he had caught up enough to relax a moment as a few stragglers walled into the bay and he pointed to the main bio bed and the others took the remaining beds,

"I would like to know what in the world happened." Antos said as he tapped on his combadge, =^= Bridge this ie medical Whats going on ?? where the power I barely have poser to run diagnostics on the bios scanners, No EMH and a staff of one my medical assistant, and I dont have any backups." Antos asked out of concern for his patients. "5 seriously injured in sickbay 15 in quarters recuperating, all others thus far are minor were sent back to duty. " As Antos gave the casualty list quickly to the captain. While he was repairing the remainder of the crew that was there then released back to there quarters.

"Any one up there hurt?" Antos asked quickly.

"Mickey here, we are on reserve power and we have injury's doctor. better get up here asap." Mickey said over the com-link to sickbay.

"I will try an get there! It wont be easy with the ship having problems." Antos said calmly. "How bad is it?" Antos asked quickly. walking to a turbo lift to see if they still operated. "thank goodness!" he said to himself as he was not liking the idea of going through jefferies tubes and crawl spaces just to get around a ship he barely knows and no computer or guide to help. "Brisge!" as the lift took off quickly. as the dampeners failed the doctor was pulled to the floor pinned as the lift went out of control on him as it changes directions he was tossed from the left side of the car to the other. with good force knocking a bit of wind out of him as it came to a full stop and the door flew open and the lift spit the Doctor out hard as he flew across a downed man and landed hard on the floor with a loud thud.

Antos let out a loud moan before trying to get up. "Did anyone get the number of the shuttle bus!!"He carefully got to his feet and made sure he was OK other then a cut on his forehead was bleeding from the fight the lift gave him and luckily came out in one peace. as he noticed wounded all over the bridge. "Mickey I mean Lt. McClane?" He yelled for him in the very dim lit bridge. As he came to the closest patient that was near him.

Mickey turned on his palm beacon as Aladdin turned on his lights on his doggy collar to see. "Over Here, Antos" Mickey flashed him down to some injured crew mates he had been treating as a sort of field medic.

"thank you for quick thinking on the patients that did help them and saved there lives in the progress. =^= Dr Antos to all medical trained officers I need help with wounded on the bridge stat. Beware of the turbo lifts might give you trouble. Antos Out!" He was not expecting a reply as he closed the channel. Looking back at both Aladdin and Mickey. "your help here Aladdin was helpful too Aladdin." He said with a smile. As he started checking on the patients that were all over the bridge.

"I maybe a dog, my good man. But i gotta do what i gotta do, Lieutenant. Though i know for a fact i will never be a fully commissioned officer, i understand that but at least i have acting ensign." Aladdin said to him nicely then said this. "Right now, i just want to shred those evil guys to pieces for trying to hurt us" Aladdin said as he stayed calm but looked out beyond the screen trying to sense where they were.

"Well you are proving them wrong your not just a dog or companion. You a true and loyal friend to all here." Antos said as he started sending patients that were stable to sickbay and other if he thought they were able to back to work. "I can attest you are now more then a simple pet or simple crew. Your able to interact and socialize and understand all that is said." Antos looked up at Aladdin and smiled quickly at his friend.

-Ships Kitchen-

Trax carefully wondered through the kitchen in the dark luckily he did not get hurt. Other then a minor glow from the cooking burners on the stove that were cooking the captains and his guests meals that would dine in the captains mess tonight. He already had one helper injured from the blackout burning himself good on the hands and face from the steam that got him good on the hands arms and face. one other got burned when they got to close to the oven.He was glad it was minor burns nothing to major as he moved around with a head lamp on his head to keep his hands free to finish off the meals.

Traxs was really beginning to wonder what was going on the red alert and then now the blackout. "To all cooking staff that can here me Please make your way to the exits of the kitchen and return to your quarters until this danger has passed." Traxs said as an order as he saw a series of flashlight bobbing in the dark. As the doors closed behind them.


"Frel frel frel frel..." Cordale cursed as the lights flickered, and then went out. Everything except the reactor. "Zach, this is bad. The reactor's jamming, but nothing's getting power. There's no flow from the reactor to friggin' anything. Zach, run a feeder straight from reactor output port seven to console six, but make sure to put a class three damper adapter on the console end. Otherwise the whole console'll jump so high that the Captain up on the bridge could use it to check his reflection." Cordale advised. "If the reactor's on, but nothing's getting out, that means there's a build up somewhere. The proverbial river is dammed. Like, a beaver. Not like, divine." he clarified.

(Tag Zach)

"We gotta fix the flow, or it'll reach a critical point and something's going to break. Probably the ship." the Thux thought, "Though, we have about nineteen hours before that happens, so let's fix it. There're only about, oh, eighty six relays, and about nine each of them running the length of the ship. That's what, forty three miles of tubing? Once you get console six up and running, run another ping through the relay assembly and see which ones are still powered enough to reply. That'll cut down on the search."

Cor hit his comm badge so hard, he probably left a mark, "Cordale to the Bridge. Reactor's up, that's the good news. Bad news is there's a breech in the main power relays, and until we fix it, we're pretty dead in the water. Generated power isn't getting out, so I'm sending a team to the Shuttlebay to turn one or two of the shuttles into makeshift batteries behind the breech. No promises, but they'll get you more then we have now, which is as grand as a Ferengi Charity." a vile curse, if ever there was one.


Valeria was far more in the 'calm and controlled' range of things. When the lights flickered, she had a start, but then the red alert flared to life. So there was something. "Auxiliary sensors are operational on emergency power, though I would not recommend reliance upon them. I still read the presence of the Dominion craft, but can read nothing more then their presence and the most general of readings. I can read that one of the craft seems to be lowering power to a system. Perhaps it is powering down its weapon systems or, considering the Founder is looking for a transport off of the Victory, its shields?" she proposed. "That seems like the most likely conclusion."

"I will query the sensors every few seconds to conserve power though, given their state of power, providing more accurate readings may prove difficult." trapped in the dark, guns to their heads, and no way to fight or survive, and Valeria was calm. Though, her ears were far too long to be a Vulcan.

She reached to her side, for the phaser she wasn't supposed to have. Lo and behold, she didn't have it. A poor time to do what you were told, Valeria Mordin. Your rebellious inner teenager would scold you, were this a less serious situation.

Bertrand shook his head, "Sorry, sir. I've got nothing. I can't read Vorta or Jem'Hadar, and certainly not a founder. They could be beaming troops all over the ship and I wouldn't know. We're sitting ducks. Without shields and helm they could pick us off in less than a minute."

He swallowed, "Sir I recommend you consider conditions for self destruct. We should prevent them claiming the Victory, figuratively and literally."

"There may be an alternative." Valeria commented from her station, "Rather then using what sensors we have to somewhat view the world outside, I can use the sensor net to query the inertial dampening system. They need to be tuned to the exact mass of the Victory in order to ensure they properly function. It isn't much, but if the mass of the Victory increased by, say, a few thousand kilos, then we know there's something of a boarding party to worry about."

The rabbitess began her ping of the Inertial Dampener network. "No excessive additional mass detected, Captain." Valeria commented after the sensors responded. "I'll inform you and Mister Bertrand of any shifts in the mass distribution of the Victory."

Sela mind was focused on only one thing as she pulled the phaser rifle from the armory before taking three spare power packs. Smiling she pulled the last thing from her locker. The blade of the Jem'Hadar first who had led the assault on San Fransisco. Sliding the blade into the sheath on her back. If any of them boarded the ship they were going to be in for a world of hurts.

" Lieutenant Bertrand this is Sela I'm leading my team to assume positions on deck three, " the hybrid said into her com badge as she and her team left the armory.

The call came through to Kevin's station but Bertrand, who was just next to it, couldn't help but comment under his breath, "Lucky copper."

Kevin heard the comment from the Lieutenant, and said, "I'd hardly call coming up against Jem'Hadar soldiers lucky Sir."

Bertrand reluctantly agreed, "At least she is out there DOING something."

He slammed his gloved hand onto the unresponsive panel which creaked alarmingly.

"Aladdin, go to Sela's location help her out. Follow her orders and don't get caught up in the moment. Deck three." Mickey said to his dog nicely as he took the long way route down to deck 3.

=A= Sela, i am sending the dog to your location to help, but he will follow your orders.=A= Mickey quietly said on the com.

=A= Roger. =A= Sela replied as her team made there way into posation. The dog sense of smell could come in handy.

Kevin was looking over the readings of the internal sensors of the ship, those that he could get working that is. The scans were inconclusive, he just couldn't get the detail he needed to formulate an accurate report. Turning to Lt Cuprum he said "Sir, the internal scans that I've just taken to ascertain if anyone's boarded us aren't up to much, permission to join the Security teams and form a physical deck by deck sight search?"

Lt Cuprum shot the man a jealous look, "Out in the action? Fine, but help the Dr get some of the injured to Medical."

OOC: This is to get Anton back to medical for the second part of his post below.

"Guys, good news. There leaving the battlefield however, with power still down i can't make heads or tails where they're going. Damn it" Mickey said in all of his frustration.

"Leaving," Bertrand called. "But they had us dead to rights. Why would they just leave. Don't get me wrong, I am glad they have, but..."

"Perhaps they got what they wanted. With us adrift and no reason to bother pulling the proverbial trigger..." Valeria left that part of the conversation hanging while her station started to flicker back to life...


With Zach at the console, and Cor up to his waist in conduits and dead plasma feeds. Somewhere, something was interrupting the flow. The pair of them had narrowed down the blockage to a few junctions, and now all that remained was fixing the damage. First one was clear, second passed, third... fourth... eighth... Finally, Cor found the damaged junction. Now, all he needed to do was fix it.

No replicator, no real cache of spare parts, and hardly any tools that physically existed. He'd have to salvage parts from a less vital junction. Hope folks could live without the Holodeck for a while. Snagging the parts he needed from the junction that lead to that deck. Plasma flow controls and a few extra pieces to kit bash a new clamp or two. Improvised repair with actual 'Hand' tools. The Thux gave 'hand tighten' a whole new meaning. The repair took a few minutes once he had the parts, and once power started to flow through the proverbial road block, he tapped on the comms.

=A= Engineering to the Bridge. Powerflow restored! =A=

As soon a systems stabilized, Ens. Moriloth brought the flat spinning ship to a standstill. She craved the chance to run down the Jem'Hadar ship. Unfortunately, Tactical had announced that the evading hostiles disappeared in the distance.

On the bridge, Mikela glanced around as the lights came back up, and slowly eased down from her alert status. She stepped stiffly back to the third chair at the center, but she kept her phaser in hand... just in case.

Antos was glad power was finally being restored and things started to return to normal in Sickbay. After he finished doing his rounds He moved to the to take a seat and relax a moment before completing all of the new paper work he had to do now. As he noticed the EMH finally came back up on line by hearing those famous words, "Please stat the nature of the medical emergency," coming from main part of sickbay. The doctor came out to greet the EMH.

"I am glad your back online. We lost all power and we lost ya for a while but your back now and safe," Antos explained quickly.

"Orders Doctor?" the EMH asked Antos.

"Please keep an eye on the current patients in sickbay until further notice," as he returned back to the office. "I need to finish off the reports and I also need a few minutes to recuperate."

"Very good doctor! I will let you know of anything that needs your attention," the EMH said with a smile, as he quietly started his rounds in sickbay.


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