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Hopping to it

Posted on Mon Jul 17th, 2017 @ 4:07pm by Captain Elijah Michaels & Lieutenant JG Elliot Keller & Commander Bertrand Cuprum & Commander Cor Cordale & Lieutenant Commander Christopher Evans & Lieutenant Commander Ziyal Tajor & Lieutenant Hel Samedi & Lieutenant Commander Alec Wescott & Lieutenant Alexander Vickers & Captain Allen Jones & Lieutenant JG Scotty Kayne & Lieutenant Valeria Mordin

Mission: Awakening
Location: Conference Room, Deck 1

Elijah sat at the head of the table as he was about to prepare the briefing for the last leg of their trip to meet the two races. The Captain pressed the intercom.

"All requested Officers please report to the Conference Room for an immediate briefing."


Hel was the first to arrive for a change. Mug filled with hot coco in hand, she gave a nod in greeting to the captain as she took a seat.

Alex, who had only been in his office a few minutes before receiving the call, stepped into the rather bare conference room. "Captain, Lieutenant," he said softly as he took his seat.

Alec had not been on board the ship long, however he had gotten to know the ship layout fairly well, including the quickest way from his office to the briefing room. He arrived a few moments behind Alex, carrying with him a PADD and a large cup of coffee to keep him awake. He nodded to each person in turn, before taking a seat at the briefing table, putting his PADD down and taking a sip from his coffee.

The next through the door was the Chief Engineer Cor Cordale. With a larger-than-normal sized mug in his prosthetic hand, filled and steaming with fresh coffee, the Thux lumbered in and sat down next to Hel, his assistant. The mug was exceptional not just for its sheer size, but for the amusing image upon it: A cartoonish face resembling Cordale's own, with two thumbs up. The mug read 'Thux to be you'. To those present, he raised his coffee mug in the ultimate salute.

After Cordale settled in, the next in line for entry as it were was the resident rabbitess, Valeria. Devoid of coffee or even tea, the Ts'usugi took a seat in her usual chair. She gave a nod to those present, and a soft smile to one among the crowd, but otherwise was almost unreadable.

Hel raised her mug to Cor, then brought it to her lips for another drink. Valeria's soft smile was answered by a wink as the pale engineer drank.

AJ had just finished up a training session with his men and made his way to the conference room. He walked in scanned the room and found a seat.

Ziyal came in with five PADDS, one for each of the races, one for the Thinking Machine, one for other mission information, and one to take notes on. She sat down across from Valeria with a small smile and spread her padds so that she could reference them easily.

Scotty walked in, taking a seat next to Ziyal, looking at the stack of PADDS.

Evans entered the room and gave a quick "Morning" to those present and a nod to the Captain, before quickly taking his seat. The Lieutenant Commander now took on a different role as Chief Tactical Officer and was as nervous as he was excited.

Jamie, after getting lost to a few times finally walked into the right room. She looked around at everyone, wondering how she would get to know any of them, before slowly taking her seat.

Elliot arrived and took his seat next to Alex and nodded to the Captain. The young Diplomat had hopefully been using his time productively to make himself useful.

As always, Bertrand was the last person in. He flicked his eyes over the crowd, pausing briefly on Jae who was gently stroking the table top. He sat down next to the Captain with a frown.

Once they were all assembled and seated at the table Elijah began his briefing. "Hello everyone, thank you for coming." He said Ashe looked to his PADD. "I've come up with the roster for the Away Mission."

He looked around the room. "Cor, Hel, Vickers, Ziyal I want you to go and examine the Thinking Engine, Wescott will go with you.

Alec nodded, looking around at the other members of his team. He'd met them all at least once before, and knew they would be a good team.

Hel glanced around at the other members of her team as well. Cor and Ziyal were known quantities to her, but she hadn't really spent much time with Vickers other than meeting him and saying hi. This would prove interesting. You know, slightly more so than just the idea of analyzing a thinking engine and determining whether it had awoken into a full-blown AI.

Alex looked around the room making mental notes of which officers he was assigned to the team with. Some he had met, some he had not. Either way, he was confident in the Captains trust that was placed in them all.

"This is for all the bananas, or whatever that saying is." Cordale mentioned, looking at each member of team one. "Some of the best and brightest here. I'm confident."

Ziyal looked at Cordale and Hel, they had been together on the stalk on the last mission, and she trusted both of them. She still was nervous about Cuprum. That she really wanted to go see the thinking engine was also something of a consideration. She could also see the counter argument in her mind before she asked the question, there was going to be a lot of analysis work to be done on the Thinking Engine. However, the good of the mission and the Federation came first, so she had to ask. "Sir, are you sure you want to put both myself and Vickers on the Thinking Engine? We're both analysts, and team two may need a analyst."

Elijah nodded. "I'm sure Lieutenant."

Ziyal nodded, accepting his answer.

"Commander Cuprum will head up Team Two with Val, Keller, Evans and Lieutenant McCarver, you'll be meeting with Miss Mordins species."

"I don't know how qualified I am to act as a proper liaison, but I'll do my best." Valeria mentioned. "The Ts'usugi are a riddle to most, but I can help keep the mystery to a minimum."

"Most of what we are doing," Cuprum reassured her, "is finding out what tipped the Ts'usugi off that they might be dealing with an AI and trying to keep any of them form reacting before we have facts. We will be there only so that they know their voice is being heard and respected. I wouldn't expect there to be much more than formal and cordial interactions with your people while we are there. We have our Tactics officer for appraisals and our Diplomatic officer, but only a junior Security officer, because we are not expecting trouble."

Cuprum did not feel it was pparopriate to mention that in reality they had three highly trained Sec/Tac members and that, personally, he always expected trouble.

"My team grab your gear and report to Transporter room 2 after the briefing. I suggest you might want to eat something before we go."

"I'll have a backup team on stand by with Captain Jones, the Doctor and Lieutenant Kayne should there be trouble." The Captain said with a nod.

"I have a quick response team that took all known information for both species and have been drilling away. We are ready, Sir." Allen briefed the Captain and crew.

Evans gave a quick nod, he was ready for this assignment.

Scotty looked around the room, thinking it was nice to be backup.

The Thux, Cordale, turned to the backup team and gave them a nod, "Good to know who's got our back. Thanks."

"Anytime, Cordale." Scotty told him "

"Right then I think we can call this meeting adjourned." Elijah said as he stood up. "You're all dismissed."


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